Environmental Policy.


Grupo Intergan takes care of the environment very seriously, for us it is a key value in the execution of all the operations that involve our Group, it is an integral part of the work culture of all our employees and the activities practiced by the companies of Grupo Intergan. Consequently, we are committed to the communities in which we develop to avoid, reduce, prevent and efficiently control the environmental impacts derived from our activities.

The objective of this policy is:

– Ensure that all operations and activities of the Group comply fully with the environmental legislation and regulations applicable in our country.

– Provide the organization, equipment, facilities, systems, procedures and training required to avoid, reduce, prevent and efficiently control the environmental impacts derived from our operations, in accordance with the guidelines of the Environmental Management System and the long-term vision.

– Establish objectives and environmental performance standards based on the continuous improvement of all environmental indicators associated with their operations.

– Develop the necessary plans and investments in training, technology, equipment, innovation and operational efficiency to achieve these objectives and standards.

– Promote in our employees the efficient use of renewable resources, evaluate the transition to the use of cleaner energies, minimize the generation of waste in operations, as well as atmospheric emissions and wastewater discharges.

– Caring for biodiversity and raising awareness in all of the locations where the company operates.

– Engage all the staff in the observation and application of this policy, keeping it in a visible place, incorporating it into the plans for induction and continuous training of its human resources and promoting it as a fundamental part of our organizational culture.

– Our commitment to this policy is the reduction and management of solid waste, efficient use of water, discharge control, energy efficiency and reduction of greenhouse gases.