We have the entire supply chain.


From fattening to commercialization, in carcass, in piece or portion and as you need it, natural, injected or marinated. We adjust to the needs that the market demands.
All the process taken care of from the origin based on our quality policy and the national and international standards.

Why choose intergan?


We take care of every detail with a high degree of innocuousness, from the feeding of our animals, during the process, the logistics and until the product reaches the shelf of our clients, we guarantee that you receive products of the highest quality.


In Intergan we are always looking to provide a better service to our customers, looking for punctual deliveries, excellent treatment from our sales force and that everything you receive in your business are products of the highest quality.


In Intergan we have the highest technology to offer efficiency and quality in our production processes, in order to always stay at the forefront to offer you the best service.


On May 2, 2007, the vision materialized, becoming the TIF 430 plant. Integrating the process of slaughter and packing beef with the intention of maximizing profits through commercialization in different markets.

This was the year in which our products crossed borders, reaching countries like Russia, Japan and Korea among others, this could happen thanks to the certifications obtained as:



In 2015, after years of work, a great reward is obtained, in this year we obtained the national export award.

The National Export Award is the highest recognition given by the President of the United Mexican States to companies, institutions and organizations operating in Mexico in the area of international trade.

In this year we began to work under the Khoser process to be able to export to Canada and other countries, also in this same year started an expansion process in the national territory with Distribution Centers, located in different states of the national territory.

Success stories

I have always worked in the taqueria business, I have 15 years with my business, I started with Intergan to buy 3 years ago, buying beef neck and I have seen changes, in the texture, in the flavor, the meat is very good and my clients like it, every day more customers come. Oswaldo Pérez. Tacos Los Güeros, Monterrey, N. L.

Our restaurant only sells fine cuts of beef and pork ribs. We met Intergan at a fair called the Meat Congress and since we tasted a cut they were cooking there, we liked the taste and the softness, something that we seek to identify us, that is why we decided to look for them and today we are satisfied with the product and the service they give us. Pedro Aguirre Le Grill, Mexico D. F.

I was born in Sonora and we like good meat, when they contacted me I was not really interested, until they convinced me, but when the first trailer arrived, I could see that it is a very good product, now we have more of the year working with them and thanksGod, we are very happy with Intergan. Guadalupe Lee García, Butchers Mexico, Guadajalara, Jal.

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EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO GROW !!We offer: Profitability, Commercial Support, Variety of products and Exclusivity.


Meet our branches.

In the heart of the Comarca Lagunera, with access to the border with the United States and near ports in the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean.
Having branches strategically located in Monterrey, Cd. Mexico, Puebla, Cancun, Torreón, Chihuahua.
Message from the CRO.

In Intergan we work every day to give you the best service, all the staff works intensely for our clients, we are always in the search of having the highest quality in our products, always looking for continuous improvement. On my part and on all those who work at Intergan, we want to tell you that we work intensely for you.