On May 2, 2007, the vision materialized, becoming the TIF 430 plant. Integrating the process of slaughter and packing beef with the intention of maximizing profits through commercialization in different markets.

This was the year in which our products crossed borders, reaching countries like Russia, Japan and Korea among others, this could happen thanks to the certifications obtained as:



In 2015, after years of work, a great reward is obtained, in this year we obtained the national export award.

The National Export Award is the highest recognition given by the President of the United Mexican States to companies, institutions and organizations operating in Mexico in the area of international trade.

In this year we began to work under the Khoser process to be able to export to Canada and other countries, also in this same year started an expansion process in the national territory with Distribution Centers, located in different states of the national territory.

We continue advancing.

We are part of a group of companies that combine strengths and infrastructure to provide the best service to our customers, with the goal that our meat is served at the table of thousands of families around the world.
We take care of the whole process from the fattening of cattle to the commercialization, taking care from the beginning of our meat products so that you receive only the best.